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Did tumblr stop showing porn

of the post, and hit "Report.". Pinterest, I first thought, was much cleaner. And, really, its fine if all these user-gen content services want to host. the

Tumblr however, gets freakin filthy. At least some porn sites have the decency to make kids do a little what year were you born math before seeing this kind of stuff. What should I do? If you spot a post that you dont think belongs on Tumblr, period, you can report it: From the dashboard or in search results, tap or click the share menu (paper airplane) at the bottom girl of the post, and hit "Report.". Pinterest, I first thought, was much cleaner. And, really, its fine if all these user-gen content services want to host.

Did tumblr stop showing porn

No we won't tell you specifics. While some of jaylene rio porn tube the content on these blogs may now be in violation of our policies and will be actioned accordingly, the blog owners may choose to post content that is within our policies in the future, so wed like to provide that option. I guess women really do prefer recipes and shopping to hot, hot sex? Of course it did. No longer are adult sites the majority of the top destinations on the network. Apparently, there, porn means food porn, art and kind of silly posts (Kermit watching a nature show with frogs doing it,.g.). . Oh, I guess not.

Hey tumblr could you uh stop making me follow people without.I never bothered to look for porn on tumblr, but some people have.So the trick to stopping porn addiction is to learn to ride out.

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It is a toxic and destructive phenomenon, wherein blog post after blog post are made, each escalating in virulence. It is said that : From a sociological and demographic perspective, this format allows the opportunity for analysis of how people react when forced into close confinement with people who lay outside their comfort zone, since they may hold different opinions or ideals from other. I had sent him a poem; laugh at me if you will, but I had been inspired by his lyrics which, in turn, were inspired by very well known Latin American poets that I had also been reading. In order to audition for the BIG starring role AS media figure, bloggers are required to constantly up their game. Why was I so angry? It was popular music, of course.

Tumblr seemingly took a more proactive stance in its bans, announcing it would apply the policy on a blog-by-blog basis.

I mean, really, really #nsfw. But lets not rave too much about they have the best interests of kids in mind when they launch outreach efforts to save kids from the evils of thinsporation and whatnot. Don't message us about. ( Hi, Flickr ). If you feel that we have categorized your post incorrectly, you can appeal this decision using the button on the post in question. The avatars and headers for these blogs will also be reverted to the default settings.


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#Pornstar is about the same.

If you want hot bearded men, there's a Tumblr for that. Read more about how to review your content and appeal here. Adult content is not allowed on Tumblr, regardless of how old you are. Blogs that have been either self-flagged or flagged by us as explicit per our old policy and before December 17, 2018 will still be overlaid with a content filter when viewing these blogs directly. You can check and see if your blog is marked as explicit per our old policy in your visibility settings. The platform makes it relatively easy to find just what you want. Update Sunday, July 21 : Read, after backlash, Yahoo's Tumblr quietly restores adult, nsfw blogs. The Sisterhood of the Pornographic GIFs. As reported in, the Tumblr Porn Crackdown Is Here (The Atlantic Karp told Stephen Colbert: We've taken a pretty hard line on freedom of speech, supporting our users, creation, whatever that looks like, it's just not something we want to police. The post addresses 'concerns about Tumblr censoring' content, but the issue is not censorship. If you want to learn more about how to see those posts, see this help article.

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