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won't be useful and Rally Strength is better used on support units. Falcon Knight offers Rally Speed, which isn't too useful for her, as she's better off in an offensive role, and Warding Blow, which lets her take down magic users with ease. Camilla - Camilla gives Velouria huge Strength and Defense modifiers, at 5 and 4 respectively. Defense 2 isn't too helpful, as her defense is high enough as is and the boost is relatively minor.

Velouria and Shigure After the war, Shigure traveled the land singing to heal hearts. Velouria as a Wolfssegner in Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher). Her birthday is October. She particularly likes the scent of her mother and says that is it ok for your husband to watch porn she smells "more like a flower everyday". Velouria and Avatar (Conquest) Avatar was hailed as a hero, working alongside his spouse to spread peace worldwide. Maternal Inheritance Edit Avatar - The Female Avatar's varying stat adjustments due to her Boon and Bane leave Velouria's overall potential different in each playthrough. Velouria and Kiragi Kiragi helped his family rebuild the kingdom. Like Nina Forrest, Velouria has a different Critical" portrait in the Heirs of Fates DLC. However, she inherits his poor resistance, leaving her vulnerable to Diviners and other Tome /Scroll users. Similar to her father, genzo porn Velouria has the habit of picking up random objects that she comes across and treasuring the ones that appeal to her. Love songs were only for his beloved.

Even as a wolf, I much prefer being alone.Besides, Daddy is the only transforming friend I need.Is a playable character in Fates.

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Full of generic-looking anime characters? A 42 base growth rate for HP isn't bad; the only problematic HP that I've experienced is from Azura (25 and that's only because she also has terrible defense. Need to report an advertisement? In either case, she'll fill the role of Wolfssegner well enough). This thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Follow us on twitter @rule34paheal, we now have a guide to finding the best version of an image to upload. Use this to find their names! Press J to jump to the feed. Also read about our use of underscores and "tagme". As far as growths are concerned most differences are relatively benign. But this is more of in case you want her to even obtain skills from alternate classes, and even then, you can't go wrong with her base alternate class, which is Fighter. Please read the rules and, fAQ first!

In Georgian, "velouri" means savage and the "a" suffix would translate "Velouria" as "he/she is savage which would be fitting with the wolf-skin.

Res, avatar, varies, varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Azura Felicia Mozu Elise Effie Nyx Camilla Selena Beruka Peri Charlotte Hana Rinkah Supports Edit See also: Velouria/Supports Romantic Supports Other Supports Keaton Velouria's Mother The Avatar (Female) (Can also be her mother) Kana (Female) (Can. Velouria's overall design with her red cloak and her wolf motif as a Wolfskin references the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Another reason is because she wants to compensate for all the lost time she spent in the Deeprealms. When used in combination with Beastbane, she'll be able to inflict bonus damage on every unit other than Wyvern Riders, Wyvern Lords, Malig Knights and Mechanists. Her personal skill Goody Basket gives her a 10 HP generation if it activates, giving her a little bit more survivibility depending on her Luck stat. One of her English Critical/Skill"s, references the nursery rhyme A-Hunting We Will. She also gives her access to Dragon Veins. She starts off with both of her Wolfskin skills, Odd Shaped, increasing her damage by 4 during odd numbered turns, and Beastbane, which makes her an Beast Unit killer. I-I want to help too!


Growth Rates, edit, these are Velouria's default growth rates, to get her actual growth rates, use the following formula: (Mother's growths rates Velouria's growth rates) 2 class growth rates.

Selkie never truly settled down, and could often be found romping wildly in the forest. She gains Draconic Hex, crippling the enemy's stats whom she engages with, which further compliments Grisly Wounds. In Selkie's marriage skinship dialogue, she mentions still playing around when they are 100 years old which further gives evidence of Kitsune mythology of living up to 2000 years. Kinshi Knight offers Air Superiority, which can help her take down airborne units, and Amaterasu, a useful Aura skill. Velouria and Kana Scholars believe Kana traveled the world doing good. Partner Sets Edit * Velouria will receive whatever secondary class that the Avatar has access to if she has achieved an S-Support with him. However, she can easily and quickly change for better (when she finds "treasure" or is around her parents) or for worse (when refused "treasure" or is thinking about her parents with a negative headspace). Unfortunately, she does not fully understand the situation and thinks they are playing with her. He can pass Wary Fighter from Friendship Sealing with Benny, which ensures Velouria won't be doubled, or Armored Blow to let her take down physical units with ease. Malig Knight offers Savage Blow, a great chip skill that stacks with Grisly Wound, enabling her to inflict 40 damage on any enemy she can't kill in one round. Velouria 's official twitter icon. The only useful skill this line offers her is Tomebreaker from Maid to make her low resistance a non issue. Similar to her father, Velouria has the habit of picking up random objects that she comes across and treasuring the ones that appeal to her. Camaraderie can stack with her personal skill and Better Odds to heal up to. She also gets a nice 2 to Speed as well.

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