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with a fifteen (15) year old sophomore. Sexting is found in Florida Statute 847.0141, and is so involved, poorly written and involved that it will be the subject of a future article. This is obviously designed to protect senior citizens, and there are the problems with this Statute: mandatory reporting leading to false allegations. Imagine this nightmare scenario. The penalties range from up to a year in the case of misdemeanors and five (5) or fifteen (15) years in prison for felonies. Therefore, overzealous prosecutors use this statute to attack young men especially men of color for having sex with their high school girlfriends. The young man is waived to adult court, charged with a life destroying sex offense, and prosecuted as an adult for having consensual sex. The key difference is that unlike 800.04, there is a consent defense. Instead Florida has Florida Statute Section 794.011, Sexual Battery.

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Its scares the daylights out of a lot of people. You almost never see a Traveling to meet a minor case without computer pornography, like you almost never see a child pornography ginger lynn dp porn tube case where the pictures were not provided by the government most would be shocked to learn that the largest source of Internet child. Decades of marriage can be shattered with a false allegation. Finally, Florida Statute Section 827.071 is titled sexual performance by a child, but it also contains part of Floridas child pornography statute which is actually correctly covered under Floridas general obscenity statute, Florida Statute Section 847.

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Through the use of this evidence we persuaded the prosecutor that the prosecution was highly unlikely to prevail had we proceeded to trial.

For more information on, sex Crimes In Florida, a free initial consultation is your next best step. If two married people are in the same healthcare facility, it is lawful for them to have sexual contact. This statute really makes it look like every village sends their idiot to the Florida legislature. Weve used spect brain imaging based mitigation several times in these cases. The key difference is that 800.04 does not have a consent defense. Almost always, the sentence agreed upon in the plea agreement is something less severe that the maximum allowable punishment under the law otherwise there would be no reason to enter into a plea agreement. Then we move into Florida Statute Section 394.4593 and it is the first part of the Florida Mental Health Act. Get your questions answered - call me for your free, 20 min phone consultation (850) 466-1522. The Statute is going to have a hard time constitutionally and with the right case a constitutional challenge involving people who are in a pre-existing relationship yet not married, could be a little problem for that particular section of Florida Statute 394.

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