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put a few highlights from his rants below the fold; these arent really surprising, since this kind of thing has always been part

I mean, it's always about sexuality. Theres a youtuber who goes by the name the amazing atheist who Ive never cared much for hes a raving MRA who ought to change his name to the asinine atheist who has just flamed out on reddit in a revealing long angry thread. Oh yeah, and by the way, those things you like to do sexually? Because, y'know, that's, err, that's like one of the big, I mean, y'know, if you're gonna look at like Freudian psychology, which is like outdated and everything. Why, yes, some of my ancestors were stoat-like mammaloids one step beyond a reptile, and the males would wrestle the females down and ejaculate into their reproductive tracts whether the female was cooperative or not. And that's like the two areas that, y'know, Religion has gone after, sex and death. Women are supposed to be either chaste and not being sexy at all, or they must submit to the mans desires, servicing the mans sexual needs by whatever methods the man dictates. I am a biological organism that got here because my ancestors loved to fuck, and fucking starts with lust. But still, I think Freud had a point when he said that the two major driving factors in human life are sex and death. To top it all off, after a long night of rage, he makes a youtube video whining about arguing with feminists. Let me just clue you in, folks, any fucking belief system or belief structure, well any belief structure or belief system is just wrong to begin with.

Ill sexy naked milf porn put a few highlights from his rants below the fold; these arent really surprising, since this kind of thing has always been part of his youtube schtick, but you might want to brace yourself for the virulence. He is a radical feminist who once claimed that when it came to gender issues men just need to shut up and listen to women. Oh, you can't have this kinda sex. If, for example, your kink is peeing on women, and youve got a partner whose kink is being peed upon, Im happy for the two of you, I hope you have a grand time, but please, if I ask you not to share your stories. Posted byu/deleted, aTN, theAmazingAtheist reacting to his leaked personal video asian lactating porn where he shoves a banana up his anus. It includes heterosexual men and women, homosexual men and women, trans men and women, and every kink and twist you can imagine. Then when I do the same its like, Whoa man! Nasty piece of work, isnt he? It is not about controlling your sexuality, but liberating it it most definitely does not say you cant have this kinda sex.

Embed Tweet; Whenever I m scrolling through my porn -laden twitter and I see s cumshot, I m always thankful to @cultofdusty for inventing facial porn.And after I use an old t shirt as a jizz rag, I m thankful to him for inventing the t shirt too.ATN TheAmazingAtheist reacting to his leaked personal video where he shoves a banana up his anus.

The Amazing Atheist on Twitter: Whenever I m scrolling

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"Bananagate as he calls.

Something that shatters your narrative of me as a would-be rapist just looking for the right bush to hide. When you start hearing like, ". I hope it happens again soon. The only virtue is that this already marginal hater on the fringes of atheism just made himself even less relevant, and we can all wash our hands of him now. He has more excuses. Instead of I wonder what shes got to say? I think we should give the guy who raped you a medal.

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TheAmazingAtheist is part of a series on YouTube. If YouTube was a small, exclusive site, I think your argument would have merit. Tough Guy Complex edit He is (apparently) 6'7 tall, and goddamned if he hasn't told you already. He's publicly said anyone who doesn't like the films should go die, and even made a 10 minute plus video whining about some shitty has been comedian calling the films boring. As a successful grade 10 dropout with not even a modicum of business acumen, he has engaged in a number of online business ventures that have managed varying degrees of failure. Watch this 1080p video only on pornhub premium. Say that Marilyn Manson sucks: This isn't a joke, it really works. TJ's dad even claimed to have taken a vow of poverty so he could cheat the tax man and keep his scam skrilla, ironically making TJ's dad the same kind of greedy christfag he rants against in his YT vids. He also thinks the term "suffrage" is synonymous with suffering, so this cements his lack of understanding of politics, let alone adds more proof that he hates the wimmins. The stupidity of TheAmazingAtheist, of course, is as on-going as his dick will be small for the rest of his life. That's a spoiled, privileged fat white boy for you. He's a Macfag, though he doesn't actually use one. So this might just mean that we'll never get the.PDF he said he'd release in order to satiate his skeptics' needs to know what really happened with NotProductive? If he just picked up a fucking cook book so basic a baby could read it then he'd learn the piss-easy recipe, but because TJ is too fucking lazy to do so, he'll stay stupid as usual. Please report any cucks, white knights or social justice faggots you see, and we will flair them accordingly. He is strangely proud of his height, mentioning it at any opportunity - often in a threatening way. Terroja in his fursuit he came TJ during his goth phase(that'S not cliche) jerkin' the gherkin Seems he doesn't hate Christfags all that much. Bring up StraightD0pe, a YouTube troll who is constantly a thorn in the side of TJ's due to his constant exposure of his latest scams.

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